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Industrial Outsourcing

Zenit Logistics develops various specialized activities for prominent companies in the industrial sector, we have experience in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and nuclear power plant industries.

Automotive Sector Outsourcing

We provide services such as handling, assemblies, quality controls, line supply, waste logistics, warehouse management, picking, kitting and packaging.

Chemical Sector Outsourcing

From bulk and pallet loading and unloading activities, management of bagging lines, bigbags and octavines, through the integral management of polyol packaging processes in IBC and loading of iso containers.

Pharmaceutical Sector Outsourcing

Reception of raw materials in the factories and weighing of trucks, continuing with storage and value-added services such as batch quality controls or order handling and preparation. Warehouse management, online procurement and waste logistics.

Outsourcing Food Sector

Truck weighing and raw material reception, verification, handling and storage. Carrying out internal movements, packaging and palletizing. Product processing, quartering, packaging, palletizing and shrink-wrapping. Quality control and production auxiliaries. Ordering. Load and unload.

Outsourcing Mining Sector

Management of warehouses and logistics processes of unloading, reception, location and preparation of dispatch and loading. Services of attention to lines and internal movements. Handling, picking, packing, co-packing, concerted quality and verification services.

Outsourcing Nuclear Power Plant Sector

Warehouse management and logistics processes for unloading, receiving, receiving and dispatching location, dispatch and loading preparation. Administrative and general services (BPO). Other services associated with production and supply chain.